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Annual Wellness Visit & Welcome to Medicare Visit / Initial Preventive Physical Examination

Medicare Advisors in Hackensack, New Jersey

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Our Wellness Visit Offerings

Patient and Wellness Assessment
We conduct a review or assessment to know the medical and social history of the patient and provide the appropriate service needed.

Patient Outreach and Engagement
We interact with your eligible patients to let them know the value of the Welcome to Medicare Visit (IPPE) or Annual Wellness Visit. We schedule their next office visit to perform the in-office portion conducted by a skilled nurse.

Setup Assistance
With the advanced clinical records, we ensure to update the patient EHR with the help of the providers and system administrators.

Staff Training
For the benefit of the patient, we train your team of staff and providers on how to complete the remaining in-office portion of the Wellness Visit.

EHR Customization
We check if your system has the required Wellness Visit templates to ensure that our nurses document their works.

Initiate Wellness Visit Services
Our nurses will interact with the patients to provide the required non-face-to-face Wellness Visit services after application.

EHR Documentation of Our Work
All transactions are recorded within the Wellness Visit (AWV/IPPE) templates in your EHR and housed within the patient’s portal for your continued access and review.

Auditable Reports of Our Work
We give a monthly auditable report of the Wellness Visit services that we provide to your patients.

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