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Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral Health Integration Consultants in Hackensack, New Jersey

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Why the Need for Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)

Providing behavioral health care with primary care is widely considered as an effective strategy for improving results for the millions of Americans with mental or behavioral health conditions. The services below are offered for patients with a psychiatric or behavioral health condition(s):

  • Behavioral Health Care Assessment
  • Behavioral Health Care Planning
  • Provision of Interventions

What does the BHI Code (G0507) Cover?

G0507 covers at least 20 minutes per month of care management services for behavioral health conditions. The care management services under G0507 can be performed under general supervision by clinical staff off-site. G0507 is used to bill monthly services furnished using BHI models of care.

Our Turnkey BHI Offering Staff Training

We help your staff to be hands-on in identifying and gaining consent from your patients to provide BHI services.

Setup Assistance
With the cooperation of Providers and System Administrators, we obtain user access to their EHR/PM and patient portal and set up the phone tree so patients can have direct access to their BHI Clinical Care Manager.

Developing Behavioral Health Care Plan
We ensure to develop a quality Behavioral Health Care Plan based on the patient’s need, with the provider’s approval.

Customization of Your EHR
We determine if your system needs to have customized templates created and then develop them to meet the BHI program requirements.

Management of the CCM Patients Care
If changes happen to the patients’ condition, we change their care plan if necessary to provide an accurate kind of care with the BHI provider’s approval.

Patient Engagement
Our Behavioral Health Care Managers start the BHI services by engaging with your patients and facilitate or coordinate treatment.

Work Documentation
We record all transactions within the BHI templates in your EHR and housed within the patient’s portal for your continued access and review.

Auditable Reports
We monthly secure your staff with an auditable report of the work so you can easily bill the G0507 code for your BHI patients.

BHI Reimbursement Calculator

Revenue Calculator Your Value
Annual number of unique Medicare Part B Patients to receive BHI services 875
US Average Non-Facility Reimbursement Rate $48
Estimated annual AWV reimbursement for Primary Care Provider $42,000.00

Benefits of Behavioral Health Integration

For Providers

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Improved Quality Measures
  • Decreased Hospital Admissions or Readmissions
  • Reduced Burden of Managing Medicare Patients
  • Improve your MACRA or MIPS Scorecard
  • Additional BHI Revenue
  • Improved Work or Life Balance

For Patients

  • Decreased ER Visits, Hospitalizations & Unnecessary Procedures
  • Provided with Necessary Support & Health Coaching
  • Reinforcement of Healthy Behaviors
  • Patient Adherence & Patient Literacy
  • Improved Quality of Life

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