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Moving to The Post-Pandemic Era


With half of the population in the US already vaccinated, our economy has opened up and our daily lives are almost back to pre-pandemic normal. However, experts advise that this is not yet the time to be lax in following health protocols. This is because we are yet to reach herd immunity which requires at least 70% of the population to be immunized. With this said, we are still encouraged and expected to observe health protocols. People who are not immunized are also advised to still be subject to COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Point occasionally, especially if symptoms are felt.

There are still health protocols that need to be observed even after being vaccinated. After vaccination, people are asked to be careful while they deal with side effects. The side effects usually go away after a few days but they should not be taken lightly. Moreover, we are still expected to wear masks and practice social distancing with strangers in public places. The vaccine only guarantees efficacy against severe symptoms and death from COVID-19. It does not guarantee that you would never contract the disease again. If you do, you can be an asymptomatic carrier that can infect non-vaccinated people. The latter would have to take a COVID-19 Rapid POC in Hackensack, New Jersey to know if they have been infected.

While we move to the post-pandemic era, we should always remember that herd immunity is a responsibility that all of us should take seriously. We should all work towards a future where antigen test kits in New Jersey are no longer needed just to meet our friends. For now, Phoenix Healthcare Advisors, LLC is one with our healthcare professionals in their efforts to reach herd immunity from COVID-19.

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