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Medicare FAQs: Coverage for COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

More than 60 million Americans are covered by Medicare. That’s almost 63% of the total US population. Of the 63% registered Medicare beneficiaries, 54.1% of them are elderly and 8.5% of them have long-term disabilities. Due to their old age and the...

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Moving to The Post-Pandemic Era

With half of the population in the US already vaccinated, our economy has opened up and our daily lives are almost back to pre-pandemic normal. However, experts advise that this is not yet the time to be lax in following health protocols. This is bec...

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Providing Care During the Pandemic

One significant effect of the pandemic is limiting our contact with other people outside our households. This became a major challenge for people who needed constant care from health professionals. There are many who manage to live with chronic illne...

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