Covid-19 Rapid POC Antigen Test

Which COVID-19 Test You Need Right Now?


The pandemic has brought a lot of hassle and changes in our daily lives. Getting sick became a threat. People need to take swab tests if they need to travel or go to a hospital. Despite the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, citizens need to take swab tests if they decide to go on travel. There are still companies that require testing for their employees every once in a while. There are still a lot of reasons why the COVID-19 test is still in demand.

However, how will you know which of the COVID-19 test do you need?

  • The Antibody Test
    • it tells if you have the virus recently but not now.
    • the process of taking the specimen for testing is through a fingerpick to acquire your blood.
  • The RT-PCR Test
    • the most accurate test available
    • more expensive
    • requires sophisticated lab equipment and skilled staff to do the swab
    • it takes time for the result to come out
  • The COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Point
    • its accuracy is lesser than the RT-PCR test
    • it does not require sophisticated laboratory equipment
    • produces faster results
    • it still involves swabbing the nose and throat

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